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    Issue Limiting permission to Project level

    Ravikiran Sarala

      Hello All,


      I have a requirement to restrict access to the different groups (DL) to access different workbooks in the project. and they not see any other project content. I have provided permissions accordingly to the respective project and workbooks. till now all seems to be good.


      Now when i am trying to restrict access for other project content, i was able to make project invisible to my project users (by adding my DL to other Projects and making the permissions of Project, Workbooks and data sources to Denied). But my users still able to see the workbooks when they login.


      Kindly need your help in denying entire other project content to access by my project users. Please find attached screenshot for reference.


      Thanks & Regards,


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          Altough you changed everything to denied, those are permissions you decide on the project level but are applicable on the Project, Workbook and datasource parts.

          But you have the permissions unlocked, this means that you can have different permissions on the workbook level for the same parts.

          You either have to lock the project, this means all the permissions you denied in the screenshot below (on project level) will be parsed down on the workbook levels as well.


          Or what you could do is go to each workbook and change the permissions there also to denied.




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            Ravikiran Sarala

            Hi Sander,


            Thanks for the response. But here is the problem, the other user has given his respective permission based on his content and my users should not see that. and i have given my custom permission as shown in the screenshot.


            Locking will give the default permission which is given to the project.


            Thanks & Regards,

            Ravikiran S

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              Hi Ravikiran,


              And what if you give your custom permission also on workbook level?

              The thing is if your other user gives his permission on workbook level and you give your custom permission on project level then this means that your user can still see the workbook this is because the workbook level > project level. If your user has permission to see the workbook on workbook level and not on the project level then he will see that workbook and the rest of project and the project map itself is invisible. Therefore if you keep the project level permissions unlocked you need to give the same permission on workbook level as well.