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    Workout Wednesday 2020 Week 4: Can you combine relative and custom dates?

    Lorna Brown

      Introduction - Sean Miller

      Well here we are! My first week as an “official” contributor of #WorkoutWednesday! I’m so excited to share my three (3) challenges with you so let’s get to it with the first one. In my day to day life at Cerner, I build analytics that cast a wide net of user personas with all types of different questions of the same data. And as such, the overwhelming majority of my dashboards have custom date filters where each user can go in and select their own date range that they need and every one’s happy. However, I’ve always thought it would be nice to provide “quick” filter options while still allowing for custom date ranges. If you’ve worked with dates in Tableau you know there’s no native way to dynamically flip between relative and custom dates.



      And that’s what this challenge will focus on. Giving your users the experience of selecting between relative and custom date ranges.




      Find the requirements on the website- Week 04: Can you combine relative and custom dates? – Workout Wednesday