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    Workout Wednesday 2020 Week 2: Can you build a beautiful and dynamic bar chart?

    Lorna Brown

      Introduction - Ann Jackson

      Happy New Year!  I’m excited to be back for yet another year of Workout Wednesday.  This year we’ve expanded the team and made a commitment to the community to provide solution videos.  We’ve also got some great collaborations lined up, and a few exciting enhancements to come (custom color palette anyone?)!

      To get the year started off right, I thought we could focus on an essential – building beautiful and dynamic bar charts.  Bar charts are likely the number one chart you’re making in your daily data viz life.  They’re easy to understand, useful in comparing information, and can be scaled large and small and still look good.

      While this is only a bar chart, don’t think I’ve gone too easy on you.  This bar chart includes an interactive way to change between metrics – and perfect formatting for different number types.  In fact, I’d bet you’ve likely been asked to build some variation (or parts) of the final product.

      We’re focusing on three major components today:

      • Dynamically changing metrics
      • Dynamically changing date ranges
      • Precision formatting for maximum understanding

      As with many of my challenges, the devil is in the details – so I’ll be paying extra close attention to the final products to ensure you’ve mastered everything.



      For the requirements please go to 2020 Week 2: Can you build a beautiful and dynamic bar chart? – Workout Wednesday



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