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    Workout Wednesday 2020 Week 1: Can you sort dimensions with a single click?

    Lorna Brown


      We’re back in 2020 with a whole new set of challenges. This month you’ll see challenges from Lorna Brown, Ann Jackson, Sean Miller, and myself, Luke Stanke I’m starting this year off with a bar chart/data table because in our day-to-day we are always looking for a way to spice up our charts.

      To spice up these charts we will work on sorting. We’d normally include a header or footer to sort on but because we have a table with bars and text we might find ourselves hiding the axes and labels. Plus this one includes specific practice we should all learn. You’ll likely need a newer version of Tableau: 2019.3 or newer.





      For the requirements please go to Week 1: Can you sort dimensions with a single click? – Workout Wednesday




      Will be posted as an answer below.