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    Calling "Update Workbook Now" twice in a row on same workbook returns error 500

    Nicolas Gangloff

      Hello Tableau community,


      I am using API version 3.6 and when running the following twice in a row:


      POST /api/api-version/sites/site-id/workbooks/workbook-id/refresh


      (documentation is at Workbooks and Views Methods - Tableau)


      the second time, tableau returns status 500 and the following body:



          "error": {

              "summary": "Internal Server Error",

              "detail": "The server encountered an error and cannot complete your request. Contact your server administrator.",

              "code": "500000"




      I assume this is probably because the extracts are already running but I this this error is very misleading and I couldn't find it documented.


      Can anyone points me to how I should handle this scenario? Maybe better error descriptions are coming in future releases?


      Thank you!