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    Filter changes for each line in the line graph

    Pradnya Ambre

      I have a total of 16 categories and few values for each category. I am interested in comparing only category 2 and category 7 for the most part by plotting line graphs. However, I need 1 line in the line graph for a value that takes into consideration all 16 categories in the same line graph pane.


      For example, refer to the attached image-

      (image 1) I need the bottom 3 lines (category2_value_2, category3_value_2, and category2_value_3) as is for which category 2 and 7 are selected (refer to image 2).

      (image 1) Next, instead of category2_value_1 and category7_value_1, I need the value_1 for all 16 categories in the same pane. Is this doable? If yes, then how?


      Because when I select categories 2 and 7 which I need, for the most part, that selection holds true for everything in the pane.


      Please refer to the images attached.