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    LogShark 4.1 - FASTER and PostgreSQL is back!

    Bermet Jamankulova

      We are beyond happy to announce the release of the new and improved LogShark 4.1, just in time for Tableau Conference 2019. This version of LogShark is much FASTER and brings back the ability to write to a PostgreSQL database server, as well as many other improvements. In this release, we are sharing the application as-is and will share the source code in a follow-up release.


      What is LogShark?

      LogShark is a command-line utility that you can run against Tableau logs to generate a set of workbooks that provide insights into system performance, content usage, and error investigation.


      • FASTER!! We have recorded speed gains of at least 10-15x in processing logs. So you are getting your results today!
      • Visualize historical trends. You can visualize historical trends of your logs by appending the run results to previous runs in either PostgreSQL or Hyper output.
      • Custom workbooks. You can now open and see what default templates shipped with LogShark look like, and edit them for your subsequent runs. You can also easily add your custom workbooks.
      • Detailed run and error summary! One of the issues we have heard is a need for a more detailed log run summary, including info on what lines failed to process and why. No more hunting for errors in LogShark logs!
      • Updated ART workbook.CPU and memory utilization for each Vizqlserver activity.
      • Run LogShark from anywhere.
      • macOS! Yes, you can now run LogShark on macOS (please note that 10.15 Catalina implemented new security features that are currently interfering with LogShark).


      Other Improvements

      • Publish to sub-projects on the server. LogShark can now publish into other projects on Tableau Server.
      • Add your own RunID to the workbooks. To help you differentiate between multiple generated workbooks, we have implemented the feature where you can add your name to the workbooks.
      • Better help text. We added usage examples to the help screen.
      • LogShark's logs in JSON or text


      Where can I get it?

      You can download LogShark 4.1 and follow LogShark's Installation & User Guide to run it.


      Where can I ask questions and submit suggestions?

      If you need any help or would like to share feedback, you can let us know via the LogShark Git Issue tracker.