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    Community Ideas flipped to 'Released' with the rollout of 2019.3 and 2019.4

    Ciara Brennan

      Hi User Group Leaders

      With the rollout of 2019.3 in Sep 2019, here are some of the Community Ideas that were flipped to 'Released'. Hopefully you'll see some ideas there that you have voted for in the past


      1108Be able to kill a database refresh task on the Tableau Server 6392012-Feb
      1958Subscribe a Report in other format - like Excel, PDF or even an Image2972013-Mar

      A way to create to create a Tableau data dictionary in order to see the field names

      within a workbook and associated formulas

      4664localize Tableau in Italian language 632015-May
      6379Need Pdf report in subscription Mail?202016-Jun
      8467Use Context Filters in Server Web Edit202018-Feb
      8713Tableau Prep: Connect to a Tableau Data Source5582018-Apr
      8872Add Google BigQuery for Tableau Prep Connections1812018-May
      8883Ability to change the way flows are viewed in Tableau Prep162018-Jun
      9084Copy Paste Nodes Between Prep Files212018-Jul
      9542Python/R custom script for Prep192018-Dec
      9615Tableau Prep - Copy a part of a workflow and it in a different workflow182019-Jan
      9719Create a Tableau Prep sub-process/flow and recall it32019-Feb
      9944Fix PowerPoint export to include all pages in a story - like the PDF export works92019-May
      9989Tableau Prep. Zoom in/out122019-May
      10419Tableau Data Catalog for Tableau Online12019-Sep


      Don't forget, if anyone in the TUGs would love to see a particular feature added to a future Tableau release, they are welcome to check out the ideas board. First search to see if the idea exists already (if so vote it up and I would always recommend adding a comment too). If the idea doesn't exist already, please submit a new one.




      There are some good guidelines here on how best to write an idea to give it the maximum chance of exposure and votes. How to write an idea Tableau Program Managers will look at



      Hope this helps


      [Program Manager | Tableau Community Forums]

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          Ciara Brennan

          A bunch more ideas flipped with the 2019.4 release in Nov 2019



          1136Horizontal scrollbar on tables1,4442012-Feb

          16+ Dimensions in crosstab AND a free scroll bar

          6588The option to disable the Search function on Tableau Server112016-Aug
          7298 The Addition of TouchID / Pin Code Support to Tableau Mobile272017-Mar


          Tableau Driver for Qubole752017-May
          7484Share a URL including filters and parameters settings112017-May
          7684Convert Published Live connection into Extract952017-Jul
          8785Tableau prep : Add google sheet connector2572018-May
          8822Tableau Prep - Connect to Box Server232018-May

          Tableau Prep: Allow Pivot from a Clean Step - Single Click

          9182Add failure reason to existing Refresh Failure Notifications202018-Aug
          9676create a connector for LinkedIn data12019-Feb
          9691Tableau Prep - Connectors for cloud drives like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc.252019-Feb
          10016Create a setting to turn-off the display banner on the home page652019-May
          9935Disable Ask Data For All Data Sources Setting for Administrators592019-May
          9961Editing of tooltip and text on Tableau Server242019-May

          Ability to Customize Welcome Banner Content in Tableau Server

          10387An option to customise top navigation bar in Tableau Server32019-Sep
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