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    Show Count of values in a Dimension, whose measure value went UP or Down over time

    Nik Rao

      Hey Y'all,


      I'm trying to have two "tickers" on my summary dashboard that show the count of values in a dimension that went UP or DOWN compared to the previous month.


      I have a a large data-set but I created a simple excel file with three columns to replicate the same functionality. You shall find it's screenshot below.

      So as per this data, since Math, Art and Biology went up in March compared to Feb, I need a number that shows 3 with UP arrow. Similarly since Physics went down, there should be another number 1 with a DOWN arrow.

      If the Date of the Dashboard is set to Feb instead of March, the numbers should change, comparing the values the prior month, Jan.


      I've attached a Tableau workbook with this excel file. Appreciate all the help!