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    Need help with LOD

    Akanksha Sinha

      Hi Everyone,


      I need help with a LOD expression.


      Please note due to compliance issue I can't attach my workbook.


      • Case I have two dataset:

      1) Customers Non Transposed

      2) Customers Transposed

      • Both dataset is blended on Recorded Date


      • The storyboard has multiple dashboards & each dashboard has sheets from the above two dataset
      • I want to have three set of date range in a group, that group is used to added filter hover action and expected to populate data

               from each sheets within the dashboard

      • Since date groups were created in the Customers Non Transposed, the action filter were not populating results from sheets that used Customer Transposed dataset


      I need to create a LOD so that the action filter will pop up data from that group.


      Also how can I show filters for groups on dashboard so that my audience will have options to make the choice based selection.


      I'll appreciate all the help.