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    Dynamic number formatting based on parameter choice

    Laurence Turner

      Hi all,


      I have created a parameter which allows a user to choose between four ways of looking at their data; 1) Value, 2) Number of entries, 3) Per cent of total value, 4) Per cent of number of entries


      This parameter is used in a calculation "Data Type" which returns the appropriate measurement for the data using IF functions within my table.


      I would like to format the data within the table differently, depending on which measurement is chosen in the parameter.

      1) Value: Three decimal places
      2) Number of entries: No decimal places
      3) Per cent of total value: One decimal place
      4) Per cent of number of entries: One decimal place


      Does anyone have any tips on how this would be possible? The constraint is that I have to work within version 2018.3 on this particular project.


      Many thanks for your help in advance. I have attached an example workbook and an associated excel file.