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    Market share per brand per zone


      I have joined 2 data tabs and want to calculate the market share of each car brand sold in each zip code then in each retail zone then overall. Each retail zone is composed of several zip codes. Database sample is attached.


      My Excel tab 1 includes: "Retail Zone ID" and "Zip Code Coverage"

      My Excel tab 2 includes: "Brand", "Zip code", "unit(s) sold". I know how to join the 2 tabs in Tableau using UNION.


      I want to eventually have a pivot table in Tableau to show:

      1. Brand market share per Zip Code (I.e. total number of BMW sold in zip code 21001/ total number of units sold in zip code 21001)

      2. Brand market share per Retail Zone ID (I.e. total number of BMW sold in Retail Zone ID RP22/ total number of units sold in Retail Zone ID R22)

      2. Brand market share in total sample (I.e. total number of BMW sold/ total number of units sold)


      I attach my Excel data sample. I appreciate your help sharing the formula or attaching the Tableau file.



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          Jim Dehner

          Hi I opened your excel and have some questions -


          you would join the 2 on zip


          then create the viz


          using table calc for % of total set like this at the zip level


          and this overall



          you will filter out the null zip - it is your total sales (should not be in the data set - bad practice to have 2 levels of aggregation in the same data file


          this is a text table version




          or maybe something like this




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