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    How to create space between cells

    Matteo Iagatti

      Hi everyone,


      I am quite new to Tableau and I am exploring the potentiality of the Sankey diagrams. See attached image


      I am building a Sankey and I need to put white space between the components of a column. I have seen examples of this by Ken Flerlage (Tableau Public ) I was wondering if somebody has tried to implement the same solution.


      Thanks a lot

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          Johan De Groot



          if you download the workbook form Ken Flerlage you can see he made an ingenious added calulation to the Sankey chart to make the whitespace possible.

          SInce you are 'quite new' to Tableau, I would suggest you start with the 'normal' Sankey charts (which are quite difficult themselves), and try to improve these later...


          Kind regards,

          Johan de Groot