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    "Exclude" multiple values and use them as input for another list (needs to work on server)


      Hi Together,


      I am new to the community, but not to the product. I have been using Tableau for over a year and up to now I was always able to solve my issues (also thanks to this great community).

      The issue I have worked on lately has been giving me headache for the last 3 days. The problem is straight forward, so probably I just need another perspective in order to get it solved.


      I have a dashboard (called "Inclusion-Exclusion with Sets") with a list on the left and a list on the right side. The list contains multiple entries. What I would like to do is to somehow exclude multiple entries on the left and show the excluded content on the right list, plus on the second dashboard ("Exlusion_Dat_CSV"). I have managed this previously with Set Actions and the drop down menu for adding items to a set in the desktop version (the one that resides next to the Include- and Exclude-Button). Unfortunately this doesn't work in the server version because the drop down for adding something to a set is not available, but only the Exclude- and Include-Button. The items I want to exclude should stay on the right side, so if I unselect items on the left they should remain, because  I might want to exclude even more content from the left in a second round. Furthermore I want to be able to re-include things from the right side to the left side. So basically what I am looking for is something like a reverse-filter output from the exclude button.


      The original data does contains some millions of rows, so I would like to find a solution that does not require to join the table with itself or blend it with itself.


      If there is a simple, yet elegant way to do this, I would be delighted to get to know about it.



      - exclude data on the left, showing it on the right

      - multiple entries at one time

      - should not change by clicking somewhere else

      - maybe be usable for a second round or third

      - optimally no self-joins, self-blendings

      Thank you so much for having a look to it!