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    How to show "date range slider" from two date dimension fields?

    Abhijit Nikhade

      I have a dashboard where I need to show a date scroll bar (date range picker) which can pick a date range from two different date dimension fields from the same data source.

      I am trying to achieve the following : (I have attached the sample workbook)


      1.  I would like to see the date range selector like the one I have in my workbook: (This is being driven by just one date field)

      2. The date range selector should select a date from field "date_case_closure" for sheet "KPI_Cost_Avoidance" and field "date_case_field_visible_date" for sheets "KPI_S_Open_Cases_CMS" and "KPI_S_Open_Cases_SCADA".

      3. Once I select the range of date, it should drive the insights on dashboard according to our selection of dates for respective sheet on that dashboard. (I have tried using the parameter creation master_calendar_start_date and master_calendar_stop_date,but couldn't go beyond that. )


      Note: Sample workbook is attached.