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    Get a measure value using a dimension value in calculated field

    Junaid Sayeed



      I have a dimension called period which is a date field and I created a calculated dimension field called 'Previous year same month' which is basically 1 year minus of period so if period is '01-05-2016' then 'Previous year same month' will have '01-05-2016' which works fine as shown in screen print below.




      Now I have a measure called Volume and now I am trying to create a new calculated field 'PYSAM Volume' (previous year same month volume ) which should  take calculated field dimension 'Previous year same month'  and get the volume for that date and  if volume is not available for that date it should return zero.


      So what should be the calculation of  'PYSAM Volume'  when I tried  { FIXED [Category],[Previous year Same Month]:SUM([Volume])}  it gave the same volume as PERIOD. Where I am going wrong?





      Before posting I searched in the previous post but couldnt find similar topic so thought of asking in the forum.