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    What is your best advice?

    Uma Gupta

      Dear Tableau Experts,

      My name is Uma Gupta and I am a Professor of Business at the State University of New York at Buffalo State scheduled to teach a graduate course in data visualization. I am awaiting approval to join the Tableau for Teaching Group.

      This is my first time teaching this course. I would love some advice on do's and don't's. The course has a capstone project. Our goal is to prepare our students for the real world! Thanks so much! Uma

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          Sarah Delaney

          I actually took a class like this way back on Tableau 8.1 thru British Columbia Institute of Columbia (BCIT) with Donabel Santos. It was a 14 week course. It was a fantastic way to learn the tool and data visualization in general.


          The BCIT course was a for credit, academic class with 3 individual dashboard projects, a midterm, forum discussions and a final dashboard project with another person. We each had to present our dashboards to the entire class, which does take up a lot of class time, but is well worth it.


          The dashboards were due every couple of weeks or so. We had a choice of data sets for the first 2 dashboards. We all used the same restaurant data set for the 3rd assignment. The final project was what ever we wanted and hopefully used data from our jobs.


          It was fascinating to see the color and style sense of my classmates. Some dashboards looked great, but didn't showcase the issue. Some showcased the issue, but didn't look appealing. It was fascinating.  I can't stress enough how valuable it was to see how people worked with the same data set and found completely different things to highlight. (You can kind of get the same experience watching the weekly Makeover Monday critiques.)


          One more thing, the 1st night of class our instructor had us introduce ourselves. Bear in mind, our class was on Friday nights from 5:30 - 8:30 pm with over 20 people. After a couple of people, she called on someone else in the room to say where the 1st person worked and what she did. The energy level immediately picked up. She kept that up until we had all introduced ourselves and everyone had answered a question about someone else in the room. We wound up learning each other's names, where people worked and what they did by the end of the night. I think her point was 2 fold. She told us we will run into each other because it was currently a small community and it was good to get to know each other. The second was to make it easier to get up in front of each other and present our dashboards.


          Have fun with your class and good luck!



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            Uma Gupta

            Dear Sarah,

            Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful answer! You gave me some wonderful ideas and I plan to incorporate them in my class. I really liked the piece on introductions! I also think the exercise on dashboards and how different people have different perspectives on the same data is interesting, though not surprising! Again, thank you so much!

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              Sarah Delaney

              I have one more suggestion. Lots of viz examples are in Tableau public and online in general, but Visual Vocabulary is really, really useful and beautifully made. It shows the types of vizzes that best communicate these concepts:

              • Deviation
              • Correlation
              • Ranking
              • Distribution
              • Change over Time
              • Part-to-Whole
              • Magnitude
              • Spatial
              • Flow


              For example, if you want to showcase deviation, it recommends:

              • diverging bar
              • stacked diverging bar
              • spine
              • surplus/deficit filled line


              Note,  you have to click on the paragraph text or the tab to load the charts.

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                Uma Gupta

                Thank you, again, Sarah, for your thoughtful and detailed response. I am working on my syllabus and will share it with this group to see if I am missing anything. Again, thank you so much!

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                  Great to hear you from Uma Gupta by the way you are a professor so you don't need too many get advice from Students like us.