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    Tableau Server High Availability  Is Degraded

    konga suman

      Hi All,



      I am New to Tableau Server and I have made a mistake by stopping two workers simultaneously.so server became Degraded.I have tried to restart the workers but it displaying as in the images below.

      Please Some one could help me to over come this issue and i need some knowledge in HA Tableau server like

      1) How to deal with it?

      2) How to Creating Trusted Authentication in HA?

      3) How to  Restarting  HA?

      4) What we can Do /Can't do on workers in HA?

      4) where can I learn/ how can I learn  full knowledge on HA?(Tableau Server)

      I have gone through online help on HA but I couldn't head or tail of it.

      primary 1.PNGworker 1.PNG

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          Lakshmi Narayana Syamala

          Hi Suman,


          Start by completely restarting 3 windows servers. It will clear all the status. And then start neat. From the screenshots, I have observerd couple of things,

          1) Your node 2& 3 are not reachable from node 1

          2) Because of some reason, co-ordination servive is not reachable too.


          Is there a reason, one server is showing dns alias/system name and other 2 nodes are showing ip address


          Some of helpful documentation

          Configure Tableau Server for High Availability with Coordination Service-Only Nodes - Tableau 

          Example: Install and Configure a Three-Node HA Cluster - Tableau 


          But this is for 2019+,


          Hope it helps




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            konga suman

            Hi Lakshmi Narayana Syamala,


            Thanks for help !!


            I really appreciate your help,But currently  we are using 10.5 User based tableau system and for time being I have created trusted authentication to embed views into web pages to provide single sign on.I have done this job on single machine of tableau server(10.5) .currently It is working fine but later I need to configure trusted authentication on HA system.


            Here I would like to ask few questions and that would be a great help if you look into the following queries and suggest me your opinion.

            1)what if i have to create trusted authentication on HA system,where would I have to create, on Primary? or Workers?(I tried  on primary and checked in TABSVC.yml file  but no result. in order to create trusted authentication i have configured on workers simultaneous,here i made mistake that i need to restart workers but i did it at a time.so the result is in the above screen)

            2)we have 3 nodes of HA System.so where would I execute commands on primary?,both workers or else on All systems?

            3)what is proper order to execute or config any commands on HA System?

            4)Is there any application like TSM for tableau 10.5 Version?

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              Mark McGhee

              Hi Konga,


              For folks who might be reading this thread, if you do a simple search on our site the OnlineHelp always reflects the latest version which is currently 2019.1.x.   Very soon will release 2019.2.x and OnlineHelp will be updated accordingly.  But we know customers are on different upgrade schedules and folks still need access to the version of help they're currently on.


              Tableau Help | Tableau Software


              From the above link, you can specify the version your interested in in the Version dropdown and then select the appropriate product.   Also, if you access Help from within whichever Tableau product it will place you in the appropriate version Help collection.    Lastly, but not in all cases, with a URL you can replace the word "current" for the major version you're in.   For the links that Laskhmi posted this trick works for the first link but not the second.  That is if you replace \current\  with \v10.5\   (you don't want to include maintenance release version such as 10.5.4 or 10.5.9, Help only ties back to major versions)


              TSM only became available starting with version 2018.2.x    All prior versions used "TabAdmin" as the main configuration tool and this can *only* be run from the Primary whether standalone or multi-node system.


              Virtually all settings that affect a Tableau Server cluster prior to 2018.2.x will be done on the Primary and it will basically push down the settings to the workers.   There might be a few exceptions but we typically don't recommend manually updating *.YML files.


              Also, here are a few 10.5. links to help get things started:

              Distributed Environments



              High Availability



              Trusted Authentication



              Configure Tableau Server for High Availability with Coordination Service-Only Nodes


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                Lakshmi Narayana Syamala

                Yes. All the changes you do on primary will get pushed to other nodes as well. so you have to do the main changes on primary node. Post complete restart, changes will get reflected on other nodes too.