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    linking datasets that contain imperfect matches in linking field


      hi all-

      I have two excel spreadsheets that I want to link. however, due to the different sources of the data, the same location name is spelled differently in the two sheets, making them an imperfect match for using the location name as the linking field. I am reluctant to edit the original spreadsheets as this will be a recurrent problem with legacy datasets like this. I want to know if there are mechanisms within Tableau (maybe Tableau Prep?) that can give me a way to specify imperfect matches within a linking field- something like "loc_a" == "LOC_A" == "loc_A". to be clear, my example here is very simplistic, I cannot solve my real problem by simply releasing a case-sensitivity.

      I have tried using wildcard filters, but the performance of this as a workaround has been spotty. advice welcome!