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    Scheduled Extract Not refreshing data in Worksheets

    Tyrella Ferrill



      I have an Extract that is not updating on Tableau Online.  The Extract is from a SQL Stored Procedure and is used to populate data on two Worksheets. It's set on a scheduled task to refresh every morning at 4 AM, but it has not been refreshing the data, even though every day the task shows that it was refreshed.  I believe my Extract isn't getting updated and the refresh is happening off an old extract, but I'm not sure how to update the actual Extract then. 


      When I look at the Extract on Tableau Online, I'm seeing not only different refresh times, but also Extract vs Live for the same Data Source.


      When I navigate to Explore --> Project --> Worksheet --> Data Source

      This is what I'm seeing for the Extract on one worksheet vs the other worksheet.  One worksheet is showing that it was refreshed last night even though I manually refreshed this morning.  The other worksheet is showing as live.  I'm not sure what Live in this case means as I don't think it's directly pulling from the database.




      When I go to Explore --> Project

      The Extract is showing the time I refreshed this morning in Tableau Desktop.





      If there is more information that is needed, please just let me know. 





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          Chris McClellan

          I think you need to figure out exactly which data source you're using. 


          It looks like you have a packaged workbook (with embedded data sources), but also a published data source that is scheduled.


          But I don't understand how you see it in Server if you refreshed it in Desktop

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            Tyrella Ferrill

            Hi Chris,


            Thanks so much for the reply, sorry I’m just now replying back!  You’re right, I did have the data source embedded and I also published it to the server. So one workbook was using the embedded source and the other using the published version.  It was a mess. Lol.  But I finally wrapped my head around it and was able to fix the issue.  I now have a workbook just for my data sources and publish extracts from there.  All my dashboard workbooks run off the published data sources and get refreshed at the same time.