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    Unable to get back original data preparation steps

    Sherin Sebastian

      Hello All,


      We are in the initial stage of Tableau server deployment. We do all the data prep steps in tableau workbook, create an extract and upload to Tableau server. We unfortunately cannot use Tableau Prep as ODBC connection is not supported in tableau prep and the workaround is not very effective.


      The problem with this is that we cannot see the data prep steps once its published to server. To mitigate this issue, we also save the workbook in which we did all the data prep, so that all the steps stays documented, and it becomes easy to add/remove something and republish the data later.


      As we are in the initial stage trying to find out data issues, we are constantly republishing the data sources to the tableau server. While publishing we need to be careful not to tick the "Update workbook to use published data source" box or else our workbook will connect to tableau server data and we will end up losing all our data prep steps. But there are times people accidentally keep this box ticked, saves it, and whole data prep steps gets lost. Is there any way to get the original data preparation steps back? Also, is there any way to ensure that this box is always unchecked?


      Any help will be appreciated! Thanks