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    Connecting tableau with hive

    priya magdum


      i was trying to test the connection between hive and tableau. i am using tableau desktop 2018.3 version. while testing the connection through ODBC driver i am getting following error.


      can anyone help me with this? it's quite urgent.



      I could resolve the problem. Hive services were not on. to start the services run following command in hive shell


      sudo -u hdfs hdfs fsck / -listcourruptblocks






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          Hello Priya,


          I see this post is from a little bit ago, it was originally posted into the Community Forums general forum, which I have moved it to the ODBC Connection specific space of the forums. There is a better chance someone in this space will be able to assist with the connection question.


          Another option would be to leverage the named MapR connector as detailed in the following Online Help section.


          + MapR Hadoop Hive - Tableau


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

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