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    25-30 minute presentation:  Creating Stem & Leaf Plots in Tableau

    Andy Piper

      TUG Leaders,


      As a user group leader, I'm sure you've had situations where you needed some extra content - perhaps a speaker bailed or a presenter took much less time than you anticipated. I've come up with what I anticipate will be about a 25-30 minute presentation on the creation of Stem & Leaf Plots (or StemPlots) in Tableau. In case you haven't heard of them, they are for use with small/little data, not the bigger data that many of us use in the corporate world. Examples of their use would be class test scores, free throw percentages in a basketball league, and other small sets of data (usually more than 10, but often less than 200; I've seen some go out to a couple thousand, but those were rather unwieldy).


      The attached PowerPoint shows some initial slides (which you can modify to reflect whoever is presenting this at your user group) that will inform the attendee what this chart type is and set the stage to create some in Tableau. The PowerPoint also contains some hidden slides for the presenter that goes through each of the steps necessary to create three stem and leaf plots within Tableau. The attached Excel file contains 3 data sets -- one for Princeton Review Rankings of ACC Schools, one on fictitious SAT Scores for a group of classmates, and the final one showing fictitious salaries for these same persons at their 10th year class reunion. Working with each data set provides a slightly more challenging approach to working with the data.


      Feedback welcomed. If there are corrections to be made, ideas to improve, etc., please let me know.


      Hope this presentation can help you out in a pinch.