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    Secret Sauce

    Patrick McCormick

      Recently I was having dinner with some executives that were new to the Tableau Community. They were impressed with Tableau's success and the capabilities of the platform. They asked me what I thought was the secret sauce to Tableau's success. They wondered if it was innovative features like Ask Data, ease of use, investment in R&D, talented employees, etc.  I explained from my perspective the secret sauce is the unparalleled engagement and passion of the Tableau Community. When I say the Tableau Community that is inclusive of everyone involved with the product including Tableau customers, Tableau employees and Tableau partners. It is this engagement that not only drives the product forward but also drives adoption. I added that by fostering the Tableau Community internally they could also reap the benefits of this secret sauce for their organizations.


      Coincidentally, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal this week that hypothesized that the solution to increased economic growth is employee engagement. It went on to discuss that this level of engagement thrives in a culture that is collaborative and selfless. I thought this was descriptive of the Tableau Community and further validated my position that it is the secret sauce to Tableau's success.


      Insight into the Tableau Community as the secret sauce was helpful information for my friends that were new to Tableau. I realize it isn't new information to TUG Leaders but I am hopeful that it is a reminder of the importance of what you do and that you find it motivational to keep doing all that you do.


      - Patrick