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    Austin TUG, March 26 - 3-5 pm

    PJ Hoke

      Please join us for the Austin Tableau User Group meeting
      on Tuesday, March 26th. This is an opportunity for you to connect with your
      local Tableau Community. You'll have the chance to share best practices,
      connect with others, and learn new approaches to Tableau with other users in
      your area. We are excited to have SailPoint speaking at our TUG.



      “On Point at SailPoint”


      Register here: Austin Tableau User Group



      Come and hear how SailPoint, an Austin-Local leader in
      Identity Governance, shifted from Excel and Salesforce reporting to more
      sophisticated reporting and modelling within Tableau.



      Jon Kinder
      is a Lead Analyst on SailPoint’s Sales Operations team. Jon enjoys the
      challenge of architecting beautiful data-infrastructure and analysis from
      dirty, grimy data. He builds master data sets that standardize reporting
      and open analysis to non-specialists. Jon started out as a scientist, but
      sold out as a consultant/entrepreneur/analyst because it’s much more
      fun. At play, Jon enjoys running (to support his eating habit) building
      and crashing his racing drone, and roughhousing with his kids.


      Ryan Price has
      worn many hats, and is part of the founding team of Analysts making up BI at
      SailPoint.  After leaving Yahoo, Ryan understands SailPoint’s business
      from being a team member across the organization, from Accounting to Sales to
      SalesOps and Analytics. Ryan is a recent convert to Tableau having slammed
      his head against excel macros long enough, now he dreams of easy data
      manipulation and visualization that no longer takes days but minutes to
      accomplish. Ryan is an avid Baseball fan, as well as state-quarter
      enthusiast. Ask him how he fought and lost a penguin fight.



      The Home Depot Technology Center North

      13011B McCallen Pass

      Austin, TX 78753


      Parking is available in the lot at the front (west) of
      and to the south the main entrance.


      NOTE: Attendees
      please make sure you register for this session, as we must provide to The
      Home Depot Security a list of names in advance so that your name is
      pre-registered in their security system. The Home Depot Technology Center is a
      secure facility. Your pre-registration will allow THD to create a guest badge
      for you in advance. Please arrive early to sign in. Associates will be on hand
      to assist with sign-in, help you through the turnstiles and escort you to the
      conference room.



      3-5 pm



      PJ Hoke | phoke@teknionusa.com