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    Dynamo DB and Tableau Desktop

    Phong Vu



      I am new at Tableau, I attended a training class last week where I learnt some basics how to use Tableau Desktop and Preparation.


      One thing I concerned about Tableau is AWS DynamoDB is not supported. I googled and found a workaround which uses ODBC. I installed CData ODBC Driver for DynamoDB, but I cannot move on because the poor documents. Does anyone connect DynamoDB and Tableau Desktop successfully using ODBC? Please advice me the steps to archive it.


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          Hello Phong,


          I moved this post into the ODBC Connection space of the Tableau Community Forums. This is the best location for these types of questions.


          If there is a specific error message being returned when attempting the connection please share the full error message text being returned. This can help identify the cause of the connection failure.


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

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