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    Count of values table acorss and table down

    sindhu gullapalli

      Hi Team,


      I have a requirement, where i want to show the count for complant reason cateogry and product category.


      so i need to calculate to show the top 5 from both and rest in "All other" Category, i have calculated with parameter and calculated fields help.

      as a separate if i am showing product count and reason count its showing perfect.

      but when i am trying to count both at the same time, for All others its not giving the right values either its hiding row wise or column wise.


      i cant attach the workbook, hence attaching the screen shots.

      please help me , how to resolve this


      Table across

      Table down

      calculated filed i am using


      IF ([(Calc) In top n]) THEN

          (COUNTD([Case Id]))

      ELSEIF [Show all Products] THEN

         (COUNTD([Case Id]))

      ELSEIF ([(Calc) Others]) THEN

          WINDOW_SUM((COUNTD([Case Id])), 0, last())





      Actual count


      Thanks in Advance!!