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    Refresh Extract of multiple connection source containing a static geospatial file in Tableau Online


      Hi everyone,

      I have created an extract in Tableau Desktop, that takes data from two different sources, from a connection to mysql server and from a "static" geospatial file (saved locally). I upload the workbook to tableau online and everything seems to be perfect. However, the problems occurs when it comes to refreshing the extract. The extract is not refreshed, even though there is no error alert returned by tableau online when I try to refresh it manually. The connection to mysql server is functional, because I tested it when I uploaded the workbook. I assume there is a problem with a geospatial file. However, the geospatial file is included as an external file when I upload the workbook and there is no need to be updated. What do you think? Is there a workaround on this?


      Best regards