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    Search for string, but exclude some results


      Is it possible to search for a certain text but exclude some results?


      I have a column called "PRODUCT_TAGS" where the color of an item is added as a tag (instead of a field/attribute).  The process has been to add a tag for the item's color AND add tags for the other available colors.


      For example, an item is titled "Black Jacket" and tagged with "Black, Series-Black, Series-Blue, Series-Charcoal".  This means this specific SKU is for a black jacket but it's also available in Blue and Charcoal.


      Unfortunately, they haven't been consistent in using the color in the title, so some items are titled "Jacket-M" or "Jacket-Small" so I can't use the title.


      Is there any way to say something like If (contains(product_tags,'black') but not 'Series-black" then "Color is black"?


      I've tried using some REGEX (Utilizing REGEX in Tableau — Tableauza! ) but the color tag isn't always in the same location.



      Thanks in advance for your help!