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    Tableau #DataDev Hackathon Series

    Jordan Scott

      The Tableau Developer Program crew is excited to announce an expansion to our annual hackathon (usually held at TC)!


      The new #DataDev hackathon series will launch this February in our own backyard of Seattle! For more information and to register, check out details for the #DataDev Seattle Hack. We're also planning other cities throughout the year. Stay tuned to find out if we're coming to you!


      Want a say on where we'll head to next? Fill out this survey and keep your ears open! (If you're part of the Tableau Developer Program , you'll probably hear first -- just sayin'!)


      What you should know:

      If you're interested in building cool stuff on the Tableau platform, join us! Come solo or as a team. Just bring your own laptops and innovative minds. Our crew of mentors and evangelists can help vet out your ideas, give you some tips and tricks and help you meet others who share your passion of building for the data community.

      Networking and innovation takes energy, so we also have plenty of food, snacks and other fuel to help you get to the finish line.


      Keep in mind:

      1. Fresh Code – We all start coding at the same time. All's fair in love and hacking!

      2. You build it, you own it – Your code, your hack, your project.

      3. Team Size – No more than four people.

      4. Demos – You’ll have 2 minutes to demo your hack.


      Life after the hack

      To stay in the know on other upcoming events, join the Developer Program to get our monthly newsletter with the latest updates, resources, videos, developer stories and more!

      To learn more and sign up for this free program, go to tableau.com/developer or email us at DeveloperProgram@Tableau.com.

      Read more at https://www.tableau.com/datadevhack#GYFmZkSo5cKO0WOU.99