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    calculate bonus for agent dependend on calculation rule

    Patrick Weber

      Hi everyone


      today I have an issue with a little bit complicated calculation in tableau.

      In this case I have to calculate bonus for employee.


      If an agent has reached more than 75% of (Sales/Target) then an agent is qualified for bonus.



      But only if the company  results (total of (Sales/Target)) is  60% or more.



      If  company total of (Sales/Target) is  60% or more then bonus also depends of the individual margin for each agent, see table below and my attached workbook.





      Frank is qualified for bonus calculation and company total  (Sales/Target) is >=60% and the individual margin of Frank = 9.9%


      If we look to the bonus definition into the table then we'll see that we have to multiply 0.05% to Frank's sales -> 0.0005 x 452,612.99 .

      Then Frank will get 226.30 as a bonus.



      Is this kind of calculation possible?


      Thanks for any ideas.