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    Use Scale of available values in Size Shelf

    Ashley Casselman

      I wasn't sure exactly how to phrase this for the title, so if you have any suggestions after reading the description, let me know and I'll edit it to get more pointed help.


      I'm using a measure on the Size shelf for a bubble chart that does not have a wide range of percentages. But i would like Tableau to range the sizes of the bubbles according to the values available, not according to the full 100% scale.  Here are some screen shots to help make it clearer.  Since the values in the measure that I'm using to control the size of the bubble only range from 9.5% to 15.3%, I'm not getting much variance in size of the bubbles, because I guess Tableau is allowing for the full 100% as the possible range?


      Whereas when I use a measure that has absolute values, the range in bubble size is much greater, making the comparison easier.

      Is there a way to get Tableau to ignore the 'possible' values in the range and just use the actuals?


      P.S. I have tried formatting the pill as decimal instead of %, adding a filter on the measure for just the range of available values, neither of those ideas worked.