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    How to make Tableau quick sort and conditional sort work in parallel

    Arnab Palit



      I am currently facing an sorting issue in Tableau. If anyone from our team of expert community members can provide any input on this, will be really helpful.


      Problem Description:


      I have a sheet which has two dimensions on Row and couple of Dual axis to accommodate few KPIs. Can not avoid the dual axis set up as each one of the KPI has different formatting condition. I have applied a conditional sort on the very fast dimension on the view. Created one calculated field to accommodate all my sorting logic and using that calculated field, I have applied descending sort on the 1st dimension.

      While end users are trying to sort the view from the quick sort icon (Hovering over the column header), it's messing up the existing sorting logic. But as per Tableau functionality, 3 clicks should clear the sort but in my case it's not returning to the initial arrangement (Only with the conditional sort applied).


      Is it possible to make both the Conditional sort & Quick sort working in parallel. If yeas, then how to clear the quick sorts and return to the original arrangement of the view as per the existing conditional sort already in place.


      Thanks in advance