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    Dashboard Filters do not save "apply to" choices.

    Lance Ritchie



      I am using Tableau 10.4 and have been working on a rather large file.

      It has about 9.5 million records / 25 dashboards and 102 worksheets.

      Each dashboard contains 4 of the worksheets.
      Each worksheet and dashboard has 3 filters (the same 3 on each).

      Everything is running off an extract - as I can't do median calculations using a live connection.

      The issue I am having is that when I set up a dashboard, set the filters (selecting the worksheets to apply to) for what I need displayed and save, my choices are changed back or to some random selections when I go back to the dashboard.


      I know I'm hitting the limits on some of this but is there something I'm missing in having the filter choices remain unchanged?


      Thank you!!

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          Joe Oppelt

          I need more info.


          Are you saying that all these sheets have "apply to" set for some filters, but as you go from dashboard to dashboard  your filter selections don't get retained and carried forward?


          They should be.



          Is this happening within one user session?  Or does it happen when a user gets out of Tableau and gets back in?

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            Lance Ritchie

            Hi Joe,


            I know they should be but the selections are not retained.

            I have tried checking off the sheet I want the filters applied to and using the “all on dashboard button”.

            When I go back the old sheets are showing with checks beside them not the ones I checked more recently.


            Thank you,


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              Joe Oppelt

              Lance -- What I was trying to drill down to with my last two questions was to understand what "when I go back" means.


              Does it change just flipping from dashboard to dashboard?  Or are you saying it changes if you shut down Tableau and reopen it?


              (And is this behavior in Server?  Desktop?  Both?)

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                Lance Ritchie

                Sorry Joel I had to go out to a meeting but I’m back for now.


                I’m going to grab a couple of screen shots to show you what I mean.


                Thank you,


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                  Lance Ritchie

                  Hi Joel,


                  Attached is a sample of the problem I have been having, there are some notes at the top.


                  I’m just using 10.4 Desktop, nothing has been published to Server yet.

                  In the samples I have attached I actually closed and reopened Tableau after using the “Save” on the top toolbar.


                  A couple of things that may play into this…………………

                  >I originally had the 3 filters on every worksheet.

                    Once I made the dashboards I went back and removed the filters from the individual worksheets.




                  I read somewhere last night when seeking a solution that the

                  1. Field should be a dimension.

                  I need to confirm that the fields I’m using for the filters are dimensions not measures in case that is contributing to the problem.


                  I did use “copy dashboard” when creating new dashboards to keep the formatting then deleted the 4 old worksheets and added the new/correct 4 worksheets for each.


                  Any thoughts would be appreciated.


                  Thank you,


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                    Joe Oppelt

                    In the attached (10.1) I made 4 sheets and put 2 each on separate dashboards.  Category filter is "apply to" all sheets.


                    Go in and out, back and forth, and it behaves like you and I expect.


                    If I SAVE and close and reopen, the last condition saved remains the condition upon reopen.  It's what I expect.


                    If this is how you have your stuff set up, I'm not sure why you are seeing what you say.


                    I have workbooks with a dozen data sources, 150 sheets, 16 dashboards.  I do some "apply to" and have no problems with it.  I don't see that the size of the workbook should affect that.


                    Is there any way you can shrink down your data and anonymize it, and then upload the anonymized workbook here so I can play with it?


                    You can follow the steps in the video attached here:


                    Video demonstrates how to anonymize your workbook/data


                    the steps in the video have you end up with an excel file that you can make as big or small as you want.  Strip out sensitive data.  We don't need a lot of data here.  Just enough values to have a decent filter list (like 3 values, really.)

                    BTW, I hadn't heard that we can only apply dimension filters to other sheets.  After I created this workbook I did further testing by adding a measure filter ([Quantity]) and do "apply to" on the quantity sheets.  It worked just fine.  But from the looks if the screen shots you have in the word file, that looks like a dimension anyway.  (Unless it's some table calc that results in string values...)

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                      Lance Ritchie

                      Hi Joe,

                      I just wanted to give you an update…….

                      The issue seemed to be an old or hidden filter over-riding my current Dashboard filters.

                      I think there may have been a filter with “all worksheets” authority that I couldn’t overwrite.

                      So, we went in and deleted all the filters on the dashboards one by one then added them back in.

                      So far things seem to be working as expected and I’m getting correct results when using the new filters.

                      Thank you!!