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    name of customers detained in cohort

    arjit singhal

      Hi All

      please help me out to find the detained customers over years.

      I am attaching the workbook for your support.

      This is on priority based.

      I have used sheet actions to show the retained customer but i need detained ie -158 in 2016 from 2015.

      Here only these 158 customers name are required ie detained ones.

      in case any further explanation required ; please ask


      Please help asap.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Arjit,


          The forums questions are primarily answered by other Tableau customers who volunteer their time and efforts.  In order to best engage with the community, please share a workbook which you have done, and any issues where you are stuck and what you have tried (this is missing).  This will greatly assist with user helping to engage and assist with using Tableau. 


          Please let us know what you have tried and where you are facing issues.  The community is a teaching one that seeks to assist other users in learning Tableau. 



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            Jim Dehner

            I don't know how you want to show this but see the attached


            this is your difference calculation



            if you only want the single year you can hid (not filter) the ones you don't want to see





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