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    How can I sort by a calculated field inside Measure Values?

    Alexandra Statham

      I'm a tableau newbie who's inherited a large tableau project created by someone else.


      It is using Measure Names and Measure Values to line up a bunch of columns:

      Employee  - Trips  - Days Spent - $ Per Day


      I can sort the table by "Employee" or right-click on Employee and choose a field from the datasource to sort by.

      The problem is that all of the Measure Value columns: "Trips, Days Spent, $ Per Day" are calculated value fields. So they are not directly from the datasource. They are pulling from multiple different datasources in order to be calculated.


      How can I sort by a calculated field inside Measure Values?

      AKA I specifically want to sort this table by "$ per Day".


      There is no right-click "sort" option except on Employee because of Measure Values.

      I cannot sort via the datasource since calculated fields are not found in the datasource.

      I don't know of any other way to build this table other than using Measure Names/Values since I need all of these calculated value columns to line up with Employee in the table. If I try to rebuild the table without Measure Names/Values, it won't line up all the calculated columns next to Employee.