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    Creating a list or table of dimension values that meet certain criteria at specific dates.

    Jonathan Allenby

      The context of this question comes from last week's Makeover Monday regarding the freedom of the press around the world.

      The data for this can be found here on data.world or here on my (incredibly sparse) worksheet.

      I'm working using Tableau Public.


      On my worksheet linked above (sheet 3) you can see that the F (Free) line peaks in 2002 and then gradually declines whilst the PF (Partly Free) line increases.

      What I think would be interesting to look at is countries whose Status changed from F to PF or NF (Not Free) between 2002 and 2016.


      To this end I wanted to find a way of collecting or producing a list of all countries that meet the criteria of:

      1. In 2002, their Status was F.
      2. In 2016, their Status was not F.


      I know that there are countries that do meet this criteria (such as Bosnia if I remember correctly).

      I've tried a few different things but I can't seem to pin how to do this down.

      I've also tried researching this myself but I've been struggling to find anything relevant as I think I'm missing some key terms.

      Searches I've made tend to be along the line of "compare values at specific dates", "find values that meet criteria at certain dates", etc.


      Any advice on either a solution or how I can better define my search terms in order to find a solution myself would be greatly appreciated!


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