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    How to display only empty bins

    Matthew Durham

      Hello Community


      Tableau newbie here so I apologize if there is a very simple solution to this.   I'm trying to generate a report that will show our warehouse workers empty bin locations.  The problem is the way our system is setup the raw data will have two identically named systematic bin locations for every one physical bin location.  So when an item is put into a bin and the system shows one systematic bin full but the other system bin (with the same name) empty.  I need the report to only show the bins that are BOTH systematically empty. 


      Example: You can see the 4 circled bins below

      Bins 01-01-01 and 01-04-01 are Full so I don't want to see them

      Bins 01-02-01 and 01-03-01 are Empty so they should be displayed


      This is how it looks in the worksheet.  I would only want to see 01-02-01, 01-02-02 and 01-03-01