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    Text disappears when adding Sheet to Dashboard

    Stefan Spiesmacher

      Hello all,


      I have a problem with textual data disappearing from a sheet when it is added to a dashboard. The sheet is a bar chart, which presents the latest data (time-series data of different parameters) for a number of assets. To the bars I added the value as text (for precise reading without hovering the mouse) and the timestamp of that latest value. When viewed as a single sheet, everything is fine. But when I add this very sheet to an (empty) dashboard, the textual presentation of the data disappears alltogether. (In the sheet view, all remains as it should.)


      My search of the forums revealed no similar case that I could find. So I hope not to bother you with an old topic.


      Tableau Desktop version is 2018.3.0.


      Best regards and thanks in advance,