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    Change in row numbers in Google sheets break Tableau Online Visualisation

    Vikas S



      I have a google sheet (which pulls data from GA add-on) as one of the data source to a published tableau online visualisation.

      The google sheet updates every month and the no. of rows vary (can increase or decrease, vary between 1500 -2000 rows). I use data interpreter while pulling in the data.

      The problem is that every month the visualisation breaks (as the data in the GS updates) and I have to download the workbook from the server reconnect the google sheet, point to the correct rows in the data interpreter for the visualisation to work again.


      I was wondering if Tableau doesn't figure the change in rows (increase or decrease) automatically and factor in the data.

      I believe it does generally, but I can not figure out why in this case it does not.


      I don't know if attaching the workbook will make sense as the no. of rows will change and the current workbook will not be relevant.


      Will appreciate any help to automate the process and which does not require manual intervention each month.