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    Proper use of LODs with filters

    Ashley A. Skeete

      Hi Everybody,


      I have a dual axis line graph with lines and a shaded area. The lines show how each of our locations performs over time. The shaded area is the average of all locations. I am trying to use an LOD equation for the shaded area because I have a filter action on my dashboard that allows the user to narrow down the locations. I want the shaded location to ignore the filtering and continue to show the average for all locations. Can anyone help me achieve this? I've been reading about adding filters to context, but I think I'm still falling victim to the the filtering hierarchy.


      My LOD looks like this: {EXCLUDE [LOCATION_NAME]: SUM([UV Event Received])/sum([Number of Records])}

      [UV Event Received] is a binary flag I have on every record indicating whether not we have what we need.


      I'm sorry that I cannot post my workbook due to work restrictions, but I've included a picture of what I have.


      Any help would be much appreciated!!