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    How do you make groups dynamic?




      I was wondering if there is a way in Tableau 2018.3 or earlier to make the Group dimension dynamic by allowing the user to choose which Name is in which Group. Right now I have hard-coded names to be in either Group A or Group B. These groups are then shown in a different sheet to show how many Apples and Oranges are in each group. Is there any way to dynamically allow the user to select names to be into Group A and the rest be in Group B? This would allow the number of Apples and Oranges in each group to dynamically change based on which Names the user has selected to be in each group. (If it is any help there will only be two different groups at all times so if a Name is not in one group it will be in the other). I've attached the package workbook used to make the images in this post.

      Dynamic Groups.png

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!