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    Multiple connections to athena S3 from tableau server

    Arunchandra Manoharan



      I am able to connect to AWS athena S3 from tableau configuring both server and client. But when same server needs to be used for multiple connections across the organization, we faced this connection issue. I understand we customize the jdbc connection through the .properties file and keep it under Datasources folder in the server and client. But, is it true that tableau server can handle only one <file_name>.properties file and we cannot configure for other connections?


      Can someone let me know, if tableau server has to handle multiple AWS athena S3 connections with multiple .properties file per connection, how is this handled in the server end? Is there a work around or any other way to customize the jdbc connection?


      One server and one tableau connection for athena don't quite make sense!


      Any insight or quick help is highly appreciated.