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    Dev Office Hours: Keep your data Fresh with Tableau Prep Conductor

    Toby Erkson

      From this thread by Amanda BoyleDev Office Hours: Keep your data Fresh with Tableau Prep Conductor


      Mark your calendar and register for our upcoming Dev Office Hours session on Tableau Prep Conductor: Tuesday, December 11th at 8:30am PST


      In this session of Dev Office Hours, there will be a quick demo of Tableau Prep Conductor’s capabilities and plenty of time for discussion and feedback so make sure you try out the Beta and have your questions ready. You can download the latest version of Tableau Prep Conductor and the beta version of Tableau in the Tableau pre-release community


      For the next week (until Dec 10th) the team will be reading this thread and responding to your questions so please share any thoughts on Tableau Prep Conductor in the comments below.

      Tableau Prep Conductor
      is an add-on product to Tableau Online and Tableau Server that lets users schedule and run Prep flows in a scalable, reliable and secure server environment. For the first time, you can centralize the scheduling, monitoring and administration of data preparation performed in Tableau Prep. Tableau Prep Conductor will be released at the same time as our upcoming Tableau Server 2019.1 release and it’s currently available in Beta through our pre-release site.


      This session of Dev Office Hours will be hosted by Youssef Shoukry (blog author profile)  and Arthur Gyldenege (blog author profile). We look forward to sharing exciting updates on the new product and sharing more with you on the 11th.


      This webinar will be recorded and uploaded to the Dev Office Hours video stream on this Tableau YouTube playlist: Dev Office Hours on YouTube.