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    Reuse of Tableau charts within own extension or high-level write-back?

    Sam Ragucci

      We are working on an extension that would allow users to manipulate the data, then visualize it in a chart. I understand that we can build a custom chart from scratch (and in some cases we do) but my question is if there is any way to reuse standard Tableau visualizations/charts within our extension. That way users would have a more uniform experience viewing their data in chart form.  I imagine it might be possible either by a) embedding a Tableau chart within our extension or b) having a Tableau chart as a separate object in the same dashboard and allowing our extension to communicate with it (data and/or some other parameters) via an API. Is any of those possible?


      Also of interest to us would be the ability to write-back the changed data so it is reflected on the chart but - as far as I can see - the only write-back possible is talking directly to the native data source (not through Tableau API) which would make a solution quite environment specific. Is there any way to work around to write-back data in a more generic way/on a "higher" level?