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    Re-attempt to connect to main node after initial failure (distributed environment)

    Jasson Giannini

      I am trying to make a distributed tableau server environment using AWS EC2s (windows 2016 server). I have the bootstrap file from my main node and have launched the second ec2 I would like to add. I installed Tableau server (2018.3.1 - this matches my main node) and selected 'add an additional node'. I got to the part where you enter your bootstrap file and TSM login info, I got this error:

      Image 011.png


      I think I have figured out the issue is a firewall rule which I have fixed. I would like to re-attempt the attachment. However...I don't know where to start? The online instructions provide CLI to do so in Linux, but not windows. I see no program I can run. How do I reattempt this attachment?