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    Rolling up 12 months YoY

    Samuel R.

      Hi all,


      I need your help to solve a problem. I am trying to build something similar to the graph you can see on the first screenshot and I have been trying lots of different ways to roll up the last 12 months for each bar but couldn't find the right way. The second and third screenshots are examples of the roll up I would like to have in the graph, for each bar a roll up of last 12 months.

      You will find in the workbook attached a table calculation rolling up the last 12 months for the first bar but not for the other ones. Also note that the years 2014 and 2015 are hidden and in Order Date>default properties the fiscal year start date is October, the blue bar represent a roll up of last 12 months for the current year and the yellow bar for the previous year.


      Thanks for your help,