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    Tableau Public and #MakeoverMonday

    Jonathan Danao

      Hello IE #DataFam!


      Just curious if anyone here is an active participant in Tableau Public and/or #MakeoverMonday?  I recently started becoming more active in both, and it's been a great way to build on my skills - especially given that my projects at work don't always involve working in Tableau. I like the different data sets I get to work with - from volcano eruptions to rat sightings in NYC to gender & ethnic bias in tech companies, it definitely beats having to use the sample Superstore dataset whenever I want to practice building new chart types or writing calculated fields. Also, if you haven't already experienced just how inspiring the Tableau community is around the world, you'll get the chance as you get more involved. Oh, and it's free! Assuming you don't already have access to Tableau Desktop, you can download Tableau Public and publish directly to their site.


      If you are already active, feel free to post a link to your profile here. Here's mine.  If you want to learn more, check out the Tableau Public and #MakeoverMonday sites.


      -Jonathan D.