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    Link columns

    Ahmed Imran

      Hi, I trying to build a Tableau dashboard to display all associated bugs with a user story. In my datasheet, each row contains a unique record. Each record can either be a user story or a bug. A relationship is also defined between user story and bug in each row. A user story can have zero or many bugs associated. I created 2 sheets, one for bugs and other for user stories. On a dashboard, I am using Action Filter to display all associated bugs when someone clicks on a user story. For some reason, dashboard displays only 1 bug and not all associated bugs. Please let me know if there is a way to display all bugs. Sample dashboard is attached.


      Data Definition:

      Column Key: Unique identification

      Column Linked Issues: Contains a list of linked items separated by semicolon.

      Column Issue Type: Identifies whether the issue is a bug or a user story


      You may utilize User Story IDR-1235 as a reference. This story has at least 2 bugs (IDR-1396, IDR-1152) associated.

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          Joe Oppelt

          You need to ETL this data to break apart that [Linked Issues] field.  You want separate rows for each linked value, not multiple values in one field in one row.


          Then your filter action would pass [Linked Issues] to the [Key] field on the second sheet.


          You'll still run into problems when you place [Linked Issue] on the first sheet.  There will be x-many marks per [Key], but you'll only want to display one mark.  We can do that, but first reshape your data, and then I can help you with the viz on sheet 1.

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            Ahmed Imran

            I am not sure how that can be done. I am using a Web connector to bring data from JIRA into Tableau and this is how it is coming. It is hard to believe that Tableau doesn't have a way to query using words such as CONTAINS, LIKE etc. I was able to make it work using parameter dropdown, but that is not the best way to display. Sheet to sheet looks more presentable. Please take a look again and see if there is any other possibility.

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              Joe Oppelt

              It has a way to query for CONTAINS.

              But you can't use that on a filter action.


              And Tableau has a way to split a field apart by a separator (in your case, the semicolon) but it makes separate columns with it.  Not separate rows.  So again, it's not going to help you on a filter action.