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    Viz in Tooltip didn't work

    Lusiana Djie

      Hi all! I wanted to try out the 'Viz in Tooltip' feature for my sheet by following the instructions in this video: Viz in Tooltip

      My first sheet consists of a single number which represents the order count. I have applied a filter on the sheet to allow the users to filter on different customers' names that placed the orders. In addition to that, I also have a date filter that selects the past 6 months order.


      On my second sheet, I have a column containing the list of orders, with a same set of filters applied to this sheet.


      I have followed the instructions on the video and the tooltip feature worked. However, I am expecting to see the viz in the tooltip to be filtered according to whatever Customer Name filter I select on my first sheet. This didn't happen. Whenever I select different customer names in the filter, the tooltip result stayed the same.


      Not sure what I'm missing Would really appreciate if anybody can help!